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Discover the right haircut for your face type

If you’re considering a haircut, you probably want to find a hairstyle that matches your face shape. Fortunately, there are lots of different styles that you can choose from. Some of them work better on specific faces than others. The type of cut that you want will depend on whether you have a round, square, heart-shaped, or triangle-shaped face.

Round faces

For a round face, the most flattering hairstyle is one that adds volume at the top of the head. This creates an oval shape and draws attention away from the wide cheekbones and soft jawline.

The pixie bob is a great haircut for women with round faces. It’s a low maintenance style that can be colored for extra flair.

Layered haircuts are also good for women with round faces. Loose beachy waves add a bit of dimension and help to frame the face.

Layers add volume and texture to thin hair. They can also frame the face and add movement.

Another good option is a side fringe. This creates the illusion of a more angular cut. It’s a style that’s best worn at medium length, as long bangs can accentuate a round face.

Asymmetrical lobs are also great for a round face. These styles can be shorter, longer or a combination of the two.

Square faces

The right hairstyle can be the key to achieving a gorgeous look for square faces. Having the right cut and style will help your look be more balanced and accentuate the best aspects of your face.

One of the most flattering haircuts for a square face is the long bob. This length can be styled to your liking, with layers to accentuate the front of your face.

Layers are a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. They also help to create the illusion of an oval shaped face.

Highlights are another good option to consider. Using highlights will not only enhance your features, but can also help to soften your jawline.

For the best results, choose a color that complements your natural skin tone. A sun-kissed caramel blonde is a nice option. It is a flattering hue and is easy to maintain.

Loose waves are another popular choice. While this can look sleek and modern, it can also be a bit messy.

Heart-shaped faces

If you have heart shaped face, you need to know how to style your hair so that it will not only complement your face shape, but will also be effective. Heart-shaped faces tend to be wider in the forehead and chin area, and they are narrower towards the brow.

The key to balancing a heart-shaped face is to minimize the width of the forehead and widen the jawline. This can be done by styling the hair in layers. For example, a layered haircut that includes long, wavy strands will elongate the facial shape.

Another effective way to create a balanced appearance for a heart-shaped face is to add soft layers along the sides. These will help to draw attention away from the disproportion and focus on the lower part of the face.

Long, wispy bangs can also be effective. They can be used to help the chin line appear wider, and they can also create the illusion of a smaller forehead.

Triangle-shaped faces

For people with triangle face shapes, there are plenty of options. You can choose from a long soft wavy style, a side swept bang, or a sleek fauxhawk. Whatever you decide, it’s important to get a look that complements your facial features.

The best haircuts for triangle faces are ones that give the illusion of balance. They should aim to emphasize your forehead and reduce the bulk of your jawline. Soft layers are perfect for achieving this, as they smooth out any natural angles.

If you have a narrow chin, you may want to go for a rounded bob or a layered cut. However, hair that goes past chest length is not usually flattering on these types of faces.

To make your hairstyle work with your face shape, it’s best to choose styles that add volume and texture. This will give your look more balance and depth. Using a volumizing spray will help you achieve this.

One of the most important aspects of having a great look is having the perfect haircut. The right haircut is essential to enhance your features and highlight your individuality. However, there are numerous styles available and it can be difficult to select the perfect one for your face shape.

The first step in finding the perfect hairstyle for your face type is to determine your individual shape. Regarding popular face shapes, there are four primary shapes: oval, round, rectangular and square. An oval shaped face is characterized by having a wider forehead and chin, then being narrow at the cheeks and jaw. A round face has a similar width from the forehead to the jaw, and has soft-curved lines. A rectangular face is broader across the forehead with a more defined jaw line and a square face has a straight line jaw with a similar width of the forehead, jaw and cheekbones.

Once you have identified your face shape, you can begin to look for the perfect haircut to frame your features. An oval shaped face can look great with any style, making them the luckiest while a round face should consider styles that are voluminous as they create the illusion of more length. Bob cuts with angular lines generally look best on a rectangular face while a square face should stay away from short cuts and consider longer layers.

The right haircut can be the perfect way to highlight your features and add a sense of sophistication and style. Ensure that the style you are choosing frames your face well and compliments your lifestyle. Not all hairstyles are meant for everyone and by taking the time to determine your own face shape you can make sure you pick the hairstyle that is just right for you!

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