4 Beauty Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Season

Shake up your beauty routine with these upcoming trends! Read on to find out the 4 freshest beauty looks that everyone will be wearing this season.

Keep up with the latest beauty trends this year with these seven looks that everyone will be wearing. From minimal makeup to colorful eye shadow, discover how you can freshen up your beauty routine for this season.

Natural Makeup Looks.

Natural makeup looks will be on the rise this season, from a simple everyday look to the natural bombshell glow. To achieve this look, start with a good moisturizer and use a tinted or light-coverage foundation to even out your skin tone. Add color with a blush, bronzer and highlighter for a dewy, glowing finish that still shows off your features. Remember to keep it natural—skip bold colors and choose warm neutrals instead!

Complete the look by adding a subtle fill of your eyebrows and a light coat of mascara to bring out your eyes. Finally, dab your lips with a clear gloss or muted lip color for an effortless, natural look. Natural makeup isn’t just about keeping it minimal but about using the right products to enhance your best features. A natural makeup look is great for everyday, perfect for special occasions, and can be dressed up or down as you desire!

Statement Liner.

Make any eye look stand out with a bold, statement liner. Whether you prefer a classic cat-eye made of liquid liner or want to experiment with a graphic shape using a felt-tip pen, this trend is sure to turn heads and add a modern flair to your everyday look. Use fine liner to make thin lines and explore different shapes for an edgy take on traditional eye makeup.

This bold beauty trend looks effortless and is a great way to add drama to any occasion. Whether you opt for intense black or vibrant colors, make sure you remember the basics of liner application. Start by priming your eyes first with an eyeshadow primer and give it time to dry. Then, draw thin lines from the inner corner towards the outer edge of your eye, curving slightly upwards as you go along for a more classic look. Finally, use a smudge brush to blend it out by buffing away any hard edges for a more seamless effect. Now, feel free to experiment and show the world what kind of statement eye look you can create!

Curtain Bangs and Pastel Hair Colours.

In this season, curtain bangs and pastel hair colours are two of the hottest beauty trends that everyone is talking about. Curtain bangs are a form of layered fringe with a dramatic finish — they frame any face shape, add softness and open up the eyes. For a unique look, ask your stylist to add highlights or lowlights in shades like bubblegum pink, lavender and baby blue.

Pastel hair colours create a beautiful, subtle look that can be both chic and playful. The added lightness brightens up any hairstyle, belying the pastels’ high-impact effect. If you’re looking for an edgy new look, try mixing several shades together for an ombré or rainbow ‘do. To keep your pastel locks looking healthy, use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner. With these two trends — curtain bangs and pastel hair colors — you’ll stand out from the crowd with a unique style that is sure to make heads turn.

Monochromatic Eyeshadow Palettes.

Add depth and dimension to your eyes with a monochromatic look. This trend works best with shades like pink, green and purple, which can be blended to create an ombré effect that’s as subtle or as bold as you want. Choose a palette of four or five shades in the same hue to complete your look. Use lighter shades on the inner corners of your eyes and darker shades along the outer edges for added drama.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of monochromatic eyeshadow. Although a bold statement, this look can be easily achieved using the right tools and a little bit of practice. Start off by prepping your lids with an eye primer and a base shadow to even out your skin tone. Then, apply different shades of one color in a V-shape along your eyelid to create the shadow ombré effect. Finish off the look with a few coats of mascara and you’ll be ready for any summer event!

Winter is approaching, and so are the upcoming season’s beauty trends. With the changing of the seasons, it is a perfect time to switch out your regular beauty look and step out with some fresh new trends. Read on to learn about the four must-have beauty trends that will be everywhere this season.

1. Glossy Lids: A glossy eyelid look is the perfect way to make a strong statement. Switch up from the traditional matte eyeshadow and swipe on some gloss for a youthful and sophisticated look. Pick up a lip gloss in your favorite shade, and apply it all over the eyelid for a subtle and beautiful shine.

2. Bold Brows: Bold and statement-making brows are in! Whether it be bold and bushy, or straight and sculpted, strong brows are all the rage this season. Embrace your brows and use a brow pencil to add volume, depth and character to your look. The best part? With this trend, the bolder, the better!

3. Pop of Color: Add a little color to your look with a pop of pink or a vibrant yellow. A swipe of blush, eyeshadow or even a lip color will add life to any look. If you’re feeling brave, don’t shy away from a bright and glamorous color—it’s sure to make heads turn!

4. Glitter: Nothing says glam quite like a little bit of sparkle. Glitter products are here to stay and this season is no different. Create a dreamy look with glitter eyeshadow, or apply a light dusting of glitter on the high points of your face for the perfect subtle-glam look.

These four beauty trends are sure to be all the rage this season. What will your look be? Get creative and embrace the changing of the seasons with a fun and fresh beauty look that will turn heads.

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